What is Bubble Ball Soccer?

Bubble soccer (also known as “Boblefotball” “bubble football” “bumperz” and “bubble ball”) is the brainchild of Henrik Elvestad and Johan Goldenfirst. The first game appeared on Golden Goal, a Norwegian TV show, in 2011. Since then it has rapidly spread like wildfire throughout the world.

To play, teams of up to ten players don typical soccer/sports clothing and put their giant bubble ball suits (loosely described as giant, inflatable hamster balls) on top. Each suit is very safe and is designed for any type of weather or outdoor arena.They have a built in backpack style harness so you can strap the balls on, and handles to allow for pain free spills, hard tackling, bumping, knocking, bouncing and rolling.

Don’t worry though, you won’t get a yellow card for this type of behavior. Bubble ball soccer is a full contact sport and there are no tackling fouls to be heard of. Roughhousing is actually encouraged and what makes bubble ball soccer so much fun! The balls will absorb the tackle and do what it does best, bounce back and bring you to your feet without causing you any harm, pain or injury!

So, what are the actual rules? Simple – keep the balls in bounds and score! This is a lot harder than it looks (actually it doesn’t look easy at all) and as a result most games end up with only a few goals. Despite this fact, it’s still a very entertaining game to watch and even more fun to play. Expect to burn up to 1000 calories, sweat, laugh, get.

Bubble Football is one of, it not the most, entertaining sports on the planet – bringing huge smiles to the faces of spectators and players alike. If you’ve never seen a bubble soccer game before, you’re in for a big treat (think of it as sumo wrestling meets soccer). Remember, there are no fouls and no rules except keeping the ball in bounds and scoring.

Check out some of the amazing bubble soccer games below and  we guarantee you’ll be itching to get into one of our bubble soccer suits! So, once you’re done please contact us now! Email: bumperball@chongqi-inflatables.com

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