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Bubble Football Soccer

Buy Inflatable Bubble Soccer Today, Enjoy And Have FUN!

Welcome to Chongqi Inflatables Bubble Soccer! We are the manufacturer of inflatable bubble bumper balls in China for years. To buy bubble soccer, you have come to the right place. You can hire bubble soccer for any occasion, we provide the bubbles and goals, all you need is somewhere to play.

Bubble Football Soccer is an alternative and whacky way of playing the beautiful game. It is available for private parties, corporate events, team parties, school events or just for a good time with your friends and family.

Chongqi Inflatables Bubble Soccer guarantees a lot of laughter and a lot of bumping. You will be enjoying yourself so much you will think your a kid again. Once the whistle starts for the game, everybody flies straight in. There’s a lot of bumping, bouncing, rolling and laughing especially from the spectators. You and your friends will be laughing for days after.

Bubble soccer ball is fun for everyone. You can play it anywhere and anytime!

Kids Parties
Events- Team Building
Fun Days
Birthday Party
Bachelor Party
Corporate Events

Bubble soccer is a great high-active game when every player tries hard to achieve fun and victory. We recommend following the next rules to secure your safety during the game.

  • Be friendly: – Do not put your ambitions over the well-being of your opponents.
  • Be smart: – Check yourself, control your health, heart rhythm, and blood pressure. You can easily use for that purpose the best hrv app like Welltory.
  • Be intelligent: – Control the time, long-run games could be fun but exhausting for non-trained people.
  • Be observant: – Check the playground before start playing.
  • Be gentle: – Even you want to push your opponent as hard as you can – think again.
  • Be wise: – This is not the game for sacrifice health for empty achievements. It’s a fun time provider that should put a smile on your and your friends’ faces!

Different Size and Color


1.2m Diameter
1.5m Diameter
Half Color
1.8m Diameter
Full Color


 Chongqi Inflatables

Bubble Football Soccer



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